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Current Issues


Current relationship problems in families, schools, communities and in businesses tell us that we cannot sit and wait for things to get better. While we wait for things to get better, research reveals that kindergartners are being expelled from schools, parent-child relationships are on a downward spiral, our youths are incarcerated at alarming rates, bad relationships are reasons why 5 in every 10 marriages fail, $83 billion overall cost of poor customer services in the U.S came from bad relationships, and standardized unethical behaviors in leaderships are the results.  Investing in Family & Choices is investing in you.  Regardless of our position in life, we are part of one universe, and as such, what we do make a difference. 


Company Information

Family & Choices (F&C) is a not for-profit organization founded on the premise that good parenting styles will result in good relationships and good relationships breeds empathic leaders. The linking of parenting styles with relationships, and relationships with leaderships, represent unique opportunities to bring about the needed awareness to what can be done right now. F&C believe that parents do not have to sacrifice their good parenting styles for crisis parenting techniques; that relationships does not have to be just tolerated but celebrated; and that employees and management do not have to sacrifice their disciplines and values for what is feasible and convenient.


People who came to Family & Choices' workshops and seminars reported these benefits:


Relief: Clarity around decisions, resolution of questions which have been open for too long, and reduction of stress, fear, guilt and shame.


Inspiration: Rediscovered what really mattered to them, changed relationships so that they were inspired to relate more to others.


Results: Breakthrough of issues that were causing conflicts, frustrations, and developed a higher ability to concentrate on efforts of self and others.


Our program goes to the heart of what is attacking our marriages, families, parent-to child relationships, relationships in the workplace, and provides simple and effective principles and tools to put things right - starting with ourselves.